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Our mission

To provide low cost and state-of-the-art renewable energy solutions to every household and business.


To make electricity free for everyone.

Brand story

As a young and passionate power systems engineer, Bhavin Suthar was cognizant of the fact that the world’s core strategies to tackle climate change will be through energy efficiency. This clearly indicated that there was a latent demand for coming up with energy innovations that can help both - humans and nature coexist to ensure that it satisfies the growing need for energy and, at the same time, maintains the sanctity of our nature by not adding to the burgeoning negative impacts of global climate change. He envisioned a big-picture strategy that weaved a planet- friendly approach into our modern society. But how? Optimum use of renewable energy. To achieve this, he worked quietly behind the scenes to provide “future proof” solutions to cater to families and businesses - in Canberra, Australia - with the power necessary to live and work. And, Bhavin used his engineering expertise from the electricity distribution industry to solve problems for households and businesses, as well as for electricity distribution companies (Distribution Network Service Providers DNSP). Bhavin hustled silently to only let his work speak in volumes. He strongly believed in the power (quite literally) of knowledge and simplifying this knowledge for the benefit of his consumers. 13 years of rich industry experience gave birth to what’s today called Polygon Energy. The idea was transparent: to share information about energy through his expertise and make the appropriate energy solutions accessible to everyone. It's not about the sales for him, it's about sharing the right information to the customer so that an informed decision is made to contribute towards nature. Just like Bhavin’s persona, a simple, straightforward, and down- to-earth approach is built into the DNA of Polygon Energy. Therefore, Polygon Energy has “poly” facets – with the capability to offer a range of services in the renewable industry such: as Engineering Consultancy, Preventative Maintenance and Testing, Innovation in the Distributed Energy Space, and more. With this goal in mind, Polygon Energy hopes to be a friend to everyone in their individual journeys to achieve a more sustainable future.

Core Values

  • Innovate

    With over a decade and half experience in Power Engineering, and strong focus on constant innovation, we encourage new ideas and technologies, and strive relentlessly to deliver with a difference and beyond the usual expectations.

  • Guide

    Our professional energy experts are always available and just a call away to guide you through smart energy solutions, and help you choose the optimum package as per your energy needs.

  • Simplify

    We break down complex concepts, simplify energy solutions, and through our dynamic team work for the betterment of the local community.

  • Be Humble

    We support individual success, and also believe that no single person is greater than the team. We will always promote diversity, be respectful in our dealings with others, and be mindful of where we came from.

  • Earn Trust

    We are honest in our dealings and take every action with integrity. Our actions will be the reason why you would place your trust in us. With that trust, we shall build a better company with strong foundation together.

  • Focus on Impact

    We focus on creating a positive change through our collective efforts and bring excellence into the homes of our customers, communities, and colleagues.

  • Put the User First

    For us, you come first. We put ourselves into the customer's shoes, analyze their needs, and then take decisions to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Embrace the Uncertainty

    With new technologies continuously evolving, we understand the importance of embracing uncertainty, bringing changes, and improving each day.