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From the Director's Desk

Bhavin Suthar


Sustainable energy is not just a keyword. For me, it is a window into a better world, a clean world where our grandkids breathe pure and live well. It is, therefore, really encouraging to see houses and businesses alike come together to take charge of their energy consumptions and requirements. Over time, we’ve all become more cognisant towards the energy that we use.

A large part of this is most likely due to the rising prices of electricity, coupled with a growing concern linked with the use of conventional energy sources. It is this that has turned the average consumer into a ‘prosumer’ – a producer who’s their own consumer as well, when it comes to the use of power and energy at home.

The initial phase of attraction and excitement for these prosumers was fuelled by feed-in tariffs, or contracts where those setting up renewable and sustainable energy systems at their homes and businesses were compensated and financially incentivised for doing so. This caused a strong uptake of rooftop solar panel systems, but in hindsight, this wasn’t the most efficient way forward. However, it was a clear sign of commitment and intent from Australians to make a positive impact on the world, and maximise the efficiency of the energy that we all consume.

With passing time, the cost of solar energy systems have reduced significantly, while the efficiency of such systems have increased manifold. Today, we stand at a juncture where soon enough, the cost for people to generate their own electricity will be lesser than the cost of buying electricity off the power grid. Personally, it is my cherished dream to see that day, and we are now closer to making it a reality than ever before.

For such a day, though, we must make our homes and offices self-sufficient. We must ensure that we consume every Watt of power that we generate, achieving as close to 100 percent self consumption as we possibly can. The Energy Brain, a core solution of Polygon Energy, is our answer to this plight – an intelligent solution with advanced communication abilities, which can recycle energy to utilise every bit of power that we generate.

With our Energy Brain at the heart of our solutions, we at Polygon Energy offer bespoke energy solutions to our patrons. Through this, we attempt to do our bit in helping you along on the path towards sustainability. After all, it’s not just I who dreams of handing over a world with purer air and greater hope, to the generations that will follow us here.

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