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Having been proud enablers of some of the finest sustainable energy projects in Australia, we at Polygon Energy only count our customer’s satisfaction as our greatest laurels. Here are only some of our many successful projects that showcase the length and breadth of our offerings.

We bring value to your energy systems

One of the key ethos to our work principles is to ensure that no matter what the project be, our involvement in it should add significant value while reaching the end objective. However, the curious bit about value is that it’s just as diverse as the energy requirements of two individuals.

For instance, for many of our patrons, the inclusion of minimum smart energy controls in our solar energy systems define value in the project. Other customers have testified how our offering of energy systems that can be easily adapted to expanding or adjusting needs of the future deliver key value – for our projects do not go obsolete as the world moves on.

Other key areas in which we have brought value to your energy systems include making you self sustainable, and therefore showing you the real value in investing in a solar energy setup beyond the benefits of feed-in tariff. We also believe that as a customer, it is crucial for you to understand the details of your own solar energy system.

This, though, we’ve succeeded in doing without the use of any heavy jargon or daunting phrases. For many of our customers, we’ve helped add value to their lives by helping them understand their home energy setup – therefore helping them become more responsible energy users in the long term.

All of this has helped Polygon Energy build trust among the customer, and for us, there’s no greater value than the virtue of trust that you bestow upon us. Below are some of our customers who have vouched for the value that we’ve successfully provided them.


The Murrumbateman winery

Our 39.93kW grid connected solar energy system at the Murrumbateman winery generates 160kWh of energy each day, accounting for about 70 percent of the entire winery’s energy needs. Built under a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contract, our setup has helped refine the winery’s energy operations and enabled them to pay only for the energy that they use – at tariffs much lower than the mainstream retailer.

Featured in system: 29.9kW Huawei 3-phase inverter, 330W Seraphim panels (121)

An airport at NSW

Our 19.8kW grid connected solar energy system was built to augment an already existing 26kW system at this airport in New South Wales, showcasing the diversity and adaptability of our energy services. We strategised to specify system protection, as well as Volt-Watt and Volt-VAR response mode settings to the energy system, in line with the power quality requirements of the Distributed Network Service Provider (DNSP).

Featured in system: 20kW Goodwe 3-phase inverter, 330W Risen panels (60)

Fyshwick business

Yet another example of the diversity of energy services that Polygon Energy provides, we assisted our customer right from obtaining installation building approvals, to strategically selecting the right location of the inverter for this 11.84kW grid connected solar energy system. We also ensured that network and emergency service providers could get 24x7 access to the energy system.

Featured in system: 10kW Huawei 3-phase inverter, 370W Trina panels (32)

catering to special project needs

At Polygon Energy, we go beyond our call of duty to offer you just the solutions that you need. We believe in a zero compromise strategy, and the following projects bear testimony to our special efforts to match the way you wish to live.

Saving the trees – for today and tomorrow

One of our most prolific energy systems is at the residence of an ex-CSIRO scientist at O’Connor. To meet the brief, we ensured that no green cover around this beautiful home is compromised, while setting up a solar energy system.

To do this, we undertook shading analysis, studied erstwhile energy usage patterns, projected consumption growth for the future, and strategised the integration of batteries and electric vehicles while setting up the system.

We monitored the setup of the home to identify the bare minimum tree branches that required trimming, hence minimising any compromise to the green cover – in effect maximising our commitment to the environment.

Our solar energy system here, built from ground-up to custom requirements, features a smart EV charger with scope for future battery integrations. Appliance usage at home was coordinated to maximise use of solar energy, and our mantra of self consumption of energy is amplified with our customer’s purchasing of EVs.

The result: Within four years, the total savings from energy cost (in comparison to conventional energy usage) could fund an additional battery to integrate into our future ready energy setup.

You bring your swagger, we bring you the savings

We understand that the benefits from export of energy can be a compelling factor for you in setting up a solar energy system. We also understand that you know how the feed-in tariff benefits is only short-lived. At Polygon Energy, we’re in it for the long haul.

Our smart energy control system is hence the perfect tool to accompany you, as you set off on the path towards sustainability. Many would urge you to adapt your lifestyle and behaviour to suit the energy you generate. At Polygon, we do no such thing – for our automated smart energy control system adapts the energy generated to the way you wish to live.

Our solution: Maximising solar self consumption. Most residential systems consume only half the energy they generate. Our answer is to increase the percentage of energy consumption – which in turn increases efficiency and network power quality.

What you get: A 30 percent increase in your return on investment (RoI) in your solar energy system, and a significant reduction of the payback period for your initial setup cost.

See for yourself: At this residence in O’Connor, we established a 6.6kW energy array based on a 5kW single-phase Huawei inverter. The energy control system we established here includes control and coordination of PV cell energy loads – which included setting up the home with an HVAC smart home thermostat to optimise heating, streamlining fan and lighting usage, entertainment devices, ironing and household appliances, washing machine, dishwasher and other kitchen appliances.

We augmented this offering with sensors to gauge occupancy, noise, available light and distributed home temperature, with Modbus, Wi-Fi and Zigbee smart home sensing and control. This was further combined with peak load reduction of the energy system. Finally, a real-time cost, energy and power monitor inside the home helped elucidate to the owners the massive benefits that they were reaping from their bespoke system.

Going above and beyond: This, too, is not all. At Polygon Energy, we offer you the best of every world, and optimise our energy systems to give you features such as coordinated EV charging setups, heating of pools, water supply and under-floor, as well as water pump operations via solar.

ALL of our systems offer at least the minimum smart energy control systems as standard, with an option to upgrade to the full suite. To know more on how we empower the way you live, click here.

We’re in this – together

For us at Polygon, it’s not just a business – it’s the way we imagine the world, the way we imagine life. Hence, setting up a solar energy system for you is only a humble beginning. It’s a mere first step of a long, fruitful relationship that we embark on, together.

For us, installing and setting up a solar energy system is just where we begin. From here on, we are your energy aficionados on speed dial. For all of our residential projects, our services include helping our customers understand their energy needs – and not just giving them data and jargon to swim through.

To do this, we break down your electricity consumption by helping you select the right electricity plan for your home. This is the most important step towards adapting self sustainability – our unbeatable mantra to minimise energy waste and maximise your savings and future benefits. Once you’ve selected the electricity plan, we’re here to assess your bill.

By analysing and reading the interval energy data, we help you evaluate for yourself and see how your solar energy system is performing. Based on this, we help you understand everything that you can do to maximise your energy efficiency – all the while living the life that you’ve always dreamt of.

It is for this that all of our energy services are future proof, and we ensure that every system we work on has scope to expand and adapt to the needs of your future. At Polygon, we’re at the forefront of technology. Being hardcore technologists at heart, we understand tomorrow’s technology, today.

It is this that we bring with us, when we hop on the bandwagon with you for the long run. We’re always keeping you ahead of the energy curve, while also keeping you updated with the ever changing regulatory aspects of technology and energy. Our expertise helps you understand what you need – well before the industry compels you to move ahead.

It is this that makes us the perfect fit to accompany you on the journey to clean energy. From the very beginning, right into the future of adapting to regulations, new technologies and expanding families, we’re proud to have patrons who have put their faith in us.

The (little) secret: Our in-person site investigations

While the secret to our world-class services is best shared in person, our site investigations are best done in person, too. Whatever be the size of a project, we believe in thoroughly inspecting a site in order to understand it, inside out. The reason is simple – we believe in understanding our projects to the core before we embark on a transformational journey, and we know that no two sites are ever the same.

Therefore, the solution: Alongside construction drawings, we ensure that we inspect every nook and corner of a site and understand its unique requirements. This Downer townhouse is a great example why – upon viewing of its construction drawings, we gauged that the main building and the carport of the townhouse had channels for laying down the electrical wiring in order to power every part of the house.

However, upon reaching and inspecting the site, we learnt that the available conduits were actually cross-linked to a neighbouring plot, instead of being available to lay down the wiring to connect the main house and the carport. Understanding this aspect of the Downer townhouse helped our engineers plan well in advance.

As a gesture of goodwill, we also installed a free set of cables for the neighbours – therefore helping them to adapt a sustainable energy system as well in future.

New leases of life: Our work on existing projects

It’s not just new projects that we work on – if you wish to give your existing solar energy system a new lease of life, we’re here for you too. Case in point is a residential project in Dickson, Canberra, where we helped the owners salvage a faulty, out of warranty solar energy system.

With the expertise of our team and the bespoke services that we provide, we put in place an all new energy system. This system accounted for a largely shaded northern part of the roof, as well as considerably small usable areas of the eastern and western parts of it. To maximise energy generation within the compact usable space, we used 445W high energy solar modules.

We also made the most of what was available, by utilising the energy analytics package that was already installed from the previous unit on the site. By modifying the monitoring circuits, we established the ability to use some of the existing equipment – all without compromising a single bit on the overall quality of the project that we helped establish here.

To add further value, we also offer users system compliance testing, to ensure that their energy systems are up to date. Need your existing setup augmented? We’re only one call away!