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Funding your Solar dream

For Residential projects


An upfront purchase to maximise your savings: The best possible way for you is to fund your solar energy setup at home and upfront. However, if you’re worried about the cost incurred, we have you covered. Our solar energy systems can maximise the returns that you enjoy on your investment by helping you start recovering the costs incurred, the moment your solar energy system gets operational. With feed-in tariff and optimised energy consumptions, you begin to save on your conventional energy costs, therefore offsetting the price you pay right from the onset.

ACT’s no-interest loans: If you are an ACT resident, you may be eligible to borrow between $2,000 and $15,000 at zero interest for 10 years for approved sustainable household products under the ACT Government’s SHS program.

In most cases, the monthly repayments of your solar PV system loan under this scheme are covered by the savings generated by your solar PV system. This typically results in no out-of-pocket expense and no upfront cost to you.

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Our cooperative prepayment method: A one of a kind, innovative method, we at Polygon Energy also extend a cooperative prepayment process to help you set up your solar energy system. Under this scheme, our cooperative funds your upfront expenses and maintenance cost initially, to help you get started. Following this, those who avail it can pay us back with 50 percent of their generated savings each month – leaving you to enjoy the rest of your savings even in the prepayment period. Think of it as an energy mortgage, of sorts.

For Commercial Projects


While our commercial customers can also make upfront buys or avail our cooperative prepayment scheme as well, they also have the option to use the solar PV system lease out tand we install and maintain it for you. This means there is no upfront establishment or maintenance cost to our customers. We design the system to ensure positive cash flow to cover lease payments and the leftover savings can be invested back into your business.

For larger commercial setups with over 20kW energy consumption requirements, we also offer Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contracts. Under such a scenario, we set up a solar energy system and offer a 10-year maintenance contract and no upfront expense. As a consumer, you only pay for the energy that you consume – at significantly lower rates than market prices. Think of this as your very own energy retailer, a mini power grid of sorts.