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Stumbling on Roadblocks

The solar energy setup and systems at home are not quite the most efficient. Due to the way we use power at our homes, much of the surplus generated solar energy is transferred to the power grid, in exchange for feed-in tariff payments that offer monetary compensation for it. When a large number of distributed energy systems (solar PV systems) export energy to the grid at the same time, it compromises the grid power quality. Moreover, the user is not benefiting from the energy his/her system produces. Now, isn’t this the exact opposite of self-sustainability?


The Path Towards Progress

We believe that the best foot forward is to maximise consumption of as much renewable energy as possible. Our strategies to resolve this energy plight includes the use of automated load control and demand management solutions, and then the use of batteries as a last resort to store the power harvested from the surplus renewable energy for use during the night. With such a setup, your home can become fully self-sustainable in terms of generating and using energy, with none of it lost in transition.


At Polygon, We Understand Efficiency

Our range of products and services include setting up a smart home solution, which can automatically control appliances at home. This ensures that any consumption of solar energy at home is optimised to the fullest – while no energy is lost, you do not compromise on your quality of living at home, either. The excess energy is then harvested in your custom battery setup at home, the size of which we ensure is optimised to specifically suit your requirements.

We believe that the ‘power’ should lie entirely with you, the consumer. After all, we’re already shouldering the great responsibility of pushing the world towards a sustainable future – why should great power be missing from it, anyway?

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