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Next-gen battery storage program - a new elevation in the world of energy storage

ACT rebate program


Are you still using electricity from the grid during the night while you are selling the excess solar electricity that you generated during the day? Then you are not aware of the ACT Next-gen battery storage program.

The energy storage industry is seeing an elevation in ACT Canberra due to the next-gen battery storage program also known as the next-gen battery rebate program. After the large acceptance of solar panels in Canberra, ACT residents are now opting to add a solar battery to their existing roof solar panels which will enable them to have power even during the night, on overcast days. Especially after the electricity bill increased by almost 54% in April 2022 and has been increasing thereafter.

People always had hesitation while adding batteries to their rooftop solar panel system because of the Solar battery price in Canberra but with the ACT Next-gen battery storage program this hesitation shall not be.

What does the ACT Next-gen battery storage program offer?

ACT Next-gen battery storage program offers rebates on batteries. For household battery rebates are $3500 or 50% of the battery, whichever is the lowest. Going by the current rebate - $825 per kilowatt - 30kW for households in can 50kW for commercial setup in Canberra.

Who is eligible for the program?

  • ACT residents/ ACT Homeowners
  • Already has rooftop solar panels
  • Need a connection to the electricity grid.

Polygon Energy is an approved retailer for the Next-gen battery storage program

To become a Next Gen Battery storage Program retailer company has to undergo a series of testing and regulation and have to be accredited by the CEC. Polygon Energy successfully qualifies in all the criteria.

Polygon Energy has helped over 1000 households in Canberra avail of the SHS loan in installing rooftop solar panels, thus preparing homes and commercial establishments for an intelligent future along with super savings.

For residential projects, residents start to enjoy the return on their solar system investment early in the cycle and, in fact, recover the cost immediately after the solar energy system gets operational. Furthermore, cost savings continue with ACT’s Feed-in Tariff (FiT) scheme, thus enabling residents to have a quicker and safer means to recover their expenditure. Commercial establishments also enjoy loan and economic benefits similar to residential projects.

Join us in making the world a better place to live today and for future generations!

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